Liquor License

All entities applying for a liquor license (original, renewal, alteration, class change, etc.) must submit a State Liquor Authority 30-Day Advance Notice Form to Bronx Community Board #6’s office via certified mail, email or fax.

To verify the proposed location falls within the boundaries of Bronx Community Board #6, please click here.

After an application has been received, the District Manager has 30 days to review the application to determine if further action is needed. If additional information is needed, the applicant will be notified by the Board. If the applicant does receive notice from the Board within 30 days of submission of the State Liquor Authority Advance Notice Form, this indicates that the District Manager has chosen not to take further action and will submit a letter or recommendation to the State Liquor Authority. The applicant can then submit the application to the State Liquor Authority after the required 30 day waiting period.

If the District Manager wishes to speak with the applicant, the applicant will be asked to meet with the District Manager and the Commanding Officer of the 48th Police Precinct meeting and will be notified in advance.


Letter of Support

If you need a letter of support please be advised that you must first make a formal request to present at one of our ten committees: Economic Development, Health and Human Services, Housing and Land-Use, Law Enforcement, Parks and Recreation, Sanitation, Senior Citizens Outreach, Transportation, Veterans, Youth and Education. If you are unsure of what committee is most appropriate for your request, please contact the Board office.

You will need to send a presentation request to the Board office via email at

Subject Line: Presentation Request

Please attach all supporting documents and presentation to the request email.

Once your request has been received, you will receive confirmation from the Board office.

After you have met with the appropriate committee, your request is presented to the full Board for a vote. Please note that it takes a minimum of 30 days to accommodate requests for letters of support. We will make every effort to work within your timeframe.


Street Activity Permit

Applications for the Street Activity Permit Office (SAPO) are available to download online. Applicants should visit the SAPO E-Apply website for more information.

SAPO’s E-Apply offers real-time status updates, the ability to pay the processing fee by credit card, and quicker issuance of permits.  In addition, SAPO’s Website now has the capability of accepting electronic checks, so applicants have an additional option to pay the processing fee other than using credit cards.

Bronx Community Board #6 will continue to monitor and review electronic applications.  The following are required for a successful Block Permit/Street Activity application:

  • To allow sufficient processing time, applications must be submitted 90 days before the proposed event date.
  • An official letter from the sponsoring organization that explains the event’s activity and goals should be mailed to the Community Board Office.
  • A letter of support from the Block Association and/or Religious Institution should be mailed to the Community Board Office